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Juba County launches feeder road construction in Gurei

BY Lodu William odiya

The Administration of Juba County has yesterday launched feeder roads construction in Gurei North and South of Juba County.

According to the administration, the feeder road construction would boost the ease of movement of vehicles in case of any emergencies.

Speaking during the launch, Juba County commissioner, Charles Joseph Wani in his remarks said that the construction of the feeder road would ease development in the area.

Wani said that it was better for the bulldozers which were not in use would utilize for the construction of the roads.

“We the government, we worked with the assets for the government. What we are doing, nobody should say that there is a company that has started constructing the feeder roads but what the government is doing is for the community”, he said.

He added the roads which are being used by the people were all constructed by the government so that it eases movement even in the far villages.

 Wani further said that the construction of the feeder roads would enable the extension of electric power and water to the community of Luri  Payam.

“The government knows if water is not reaching the area that why we came here to open the feeder roads”, he said.

Mrs. Anita Denis however, said that she was happy with the initiative taken by the commissioner for opening the feeder roads because water tankers were not having access in her area.

“Since 2011 up to this year 2022 we have just seen the construction of the roads in our area, even the water tanks are not entering our area. I believe by this roads construction we will have access to water in a low price”, she said.

In her part, Mrs. Joice Henry said that she shifted from Kator and settled in Gurei some years back but her area was very remote and she was having difficulties in getting drinking water.

“This area was really disturbing but today even if I am sleeping in my small house I will know that it is my place because the construction of the road determines where my plot lies”, she said.

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