Juba City needs safe and clean pipe water

Poiya Isaac Lagu, (LLM).

They say water is life…it is a basic need for all living organisms surrounding our environment, even old Cows drink water. Our people say slowly by slowly we shall reach to the final destination. Many days have gone by, many could still say our motherland-the Republic of south Sudan is a young country. During the days of the Sudan, we had few areas where water was supplied through pipes in Juba city. Now, most of the water pipes are broken.  Nobody has a plan to repair them…day by day; the water tanks are mainly used to supply water in all places in Juba City. Today; Juba city has grown. The residential areas have no safe and clean pipe water. Most often; our citizens depend entirely on the Nile water being supplied by the water tanks and the few wells constructed by the development partners in the areas of Lologo, Gudele West, Hai Referendum and Mangateen among others in providing access to safe and clean water to the communities in Juba City.

However; in my opinion, the usage of water tanks in supplying water is not efficient; it does not suit the standard of a city like Juba, it is degrading the historical city of Juba. Juba is now a big town, the main commercial centre of the Republic of south Sudan, you can’t supply water to your citizens using the tankers in a city, and the number of people living today in the city is great, the cost of fuel is also high. And if the drivers conspire and agreed not to work in a day, meaning the communities shall have no water in their homes. The drivers of the water tanks are also commonly associated to causing unnecessary accidents to our people and one could wonder what is happening in the course of their work and trainings.

While; wells and boreholes are good as they supply safe and clean water. But to me, this project could be suitable in the rural communities not in Juba city, usually,there is congestion at the water point. In Juba city, pipe water could now be suitable as it shall be easier for all homes to access the safe and clean water without causing congestion. Therefore, pipe water is convenient, it suits the standard of a modern city or town like Juba. Since water is one of the utility, its availability in the city encourages investors into the country to run big factories.

We should not do things for the sake of doing or condone a situation. Let’s mind of the standard too. We need pipe water in the Juba city. Am disturbed why we can’t have safe and clean pipe water in Juba city when the River Nile passes by…flowing into the Mediterranean Sea. What is wrong? Somebody is absolutely corrupting the plan or has postponed the good plan there-to. For how long shall this continue? However; am convinced that one day south Sudan will have the pipe water in our communities. Remember; we stayed long without electricity in Juba. We could use generators and solar to generate power, but today we have electricity/power in Juba city. So, everything has its time.

The Author is a legal expert, he can be reached for commends on tel; (+211)924086970, email; poiyaisaaclagu@gmail.com , Juba!

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