Juba City Council urges folks to carry-out sports activities

By David Mono Danga

The Chairperson of Juba City Legislative Assembly, Michael Lado Allajabu urged folks in Juba to continue carrying out sports activities to keep the youth busy to help in reducing crimes and violence among the communities.

Allajabu was speaking to spectators who gathered to watch the finals of the community youth tournament between the Uganda Community and Nyakuron Cultural Centre Youth played at Rock City football ground on Sunday.

He thanked all the communities that participated in the peace tournament, particularly the finalists, the Uganda Community and Nyakuron Cultural Centre Youth for the discipline they portrayed during the course of the games.

Allajabu encouraged the Ambassadors Royal Veteran’s Sports Club for organizing such inclusive competitions that also include girls participating in the Borut-Borut challenge, saying such sports activities should be continued.

At the same function, the Editor-In-Chief of the Juba Monitor newspaper, Anna Nimiriano Nunu, who launched the match said, people should always value sports as it was vital for peace building and for the good health of the participants.

“This Salam Allekum Youth Festival is very important to engage the youth in peace building, enhance unity as the participants come together as one family.”

“Sports can restore peace in the country, and besides that, sports is also good for your health because exercising regularly is healthy for the body,” Nimiriano told the gathering.

She said she was very happy with the girls who participated in the Borut-Borut girls’ challenge, adding she felt entertained by the Borut-Borut participants, who reminded her of her childhood.

Nimirano also added that girls should be strongly encouraged to participate in sports activities.

The Community Youth league, and the Borut-Borut girls’ competition were part of series of competitions organized by Salaam Allekum Youth Festival 2017, in collaboration with the Ambassadors Royal Veteran Sports and Social Club, and sponsored by Christian Agenda for Development local organization, Juba Local Football Association, Borut-Borut Association, Capital FC and Juba Monitor Newspaper.




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