Mayor comes mayor goes, but Juba remains the same old City, undoubtedly one of the most ecologically unfavourable in Africa, if not in the world. The heaps of garbage dumped at undesignated sites, and open urine and defecation by residents are symbolic representations of the serious sanitation concern downgrading the status of Juba as the major city in the country. The saddest aspect of this phenomenon is not the dirtiness of the city, but the fact that the board obliged to maintain the hygiene of the city are sleeping on duties. Of course, this is the City Council. While we appreciate the little effort they exert in garbage collection like we have seen in the second half of last year (2019), the council has more tasks to accomplish. I have been to a number of Cities across the continent but I have never seen disgusting activities such as reckless dumping of waste going unpunished. This raises a question on whether the Council has regulations that restrict residents from unnecessary dumping of refuse. More so, open urine, by especially men has become one of most unpleasant routines intoxicating the Capital. This too, should be brought to an end. With that aside, let’s talk about the waste yard on the outskirt of the city along the Juba – Nimule highway. That poorly-managed dumpsite is clearly misplaced for one major reason. It is located along a highway that links the country to neighboring Uganda and an entrance route to many foreign nationals. This depicts a bad image of the country and how the city is run. The collapsing bridge also makes matters worse, but that is not our main topic for today’s column. Let us flip back and examine how the City Council can tackle the unnecessary waste-dumping debacle. Place trash cans or dust bins along various streets within the City and come up with by-law that punishes any individual who, due to ignorance or negligence, chooses to dump waste out of the designated points. And a by-law should not just be on paper but its effectiveness must be seen on ground.

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