Juba city council accused of invading State Chamber’s duties

By Kidega Livingstone

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture branch of Jubek State have raised concerns over what they described as total interference in Chamber of Commerce duties and activities by Juba City Council authorities.

The Chairperson for Chamber of Commerce Jubek State, Cosmas Tombe Wani said Juba City Council authorities were disrupting the Chamber’s mandates which was accordingly detailed in the private sector’s docket..

“We are mandated to protect and promote business by advocating for the traders’ interest and rights. We don’t want Juba city council to interfere in the activities of Chamber of Commerce because traders are facing a lot of heavy tax levies from Juba City Council authorities and illegal collection of money by other entities,” said Tombe during the press conference on Tuesday.

Tombe said that it was the Chamber of Commerce to take the voices of traders to the concerned authority in case of problems.

“Traders have lost their shops in Konyokonyo, Jebel, and Custom markets without being compensated and to our surprise we came to learn that group of selfish and greedy individuals have raided the shops of theses traders,” said Tombe.

He appealed to the Governor of Jubek State for intervention so that the issue between Juba city council and Jubek State Chamber of Commerce is resolved as far as protection of trader’s rights and their properties is concerned.

Meanwhile, Secretary General for Jubek Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Robert Pitia Francis said that they are going to lobby the government and Jubek State Legislative Assembly to formulate laws that would protect local retail business community.

He said the institution would support and develop local business community to compete with foreign business community.

“Foreign business community should only do whole sale business and leave retail to local business community and taxes should be reduced for them because local traders have family to feed and providing education and health to their children and they need to be protected by laws,” said Pitia.

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