Juba Bridge situation needs urgent attention

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

The only bridge in Juba has problems, one side had broken down and it is only the other side which is functioning. It is not easy for vehicles to move at the same time. If vehicles are coming from the side of Gumbo, the other vehicles from the side of Juba will stop.  All these causes a lot of traffic jam at both sides of the bridge. You cannot catch up with time in case of meeting, appointment or any event you may need to attend to.

Unless you put two to three hours for movement, it is a lot of time wasting which is not good for business people. Addition to that most of the items are being brought from the neighboring countriesusingJuba Bridge.

These challenges started long time ago, the hope of people of South Sudan were on the new bridge which is still under construction. If it is finished, it would help a lot. In any country, the issue of infrastructure is very important.  It is part of development. Good roads and bridges support people’s movement and facilitate traders and businesses.

This has been one of the challenges in the country, not only in Juba but also in the other parts. It is not because of COVID – 19 and conflict in the country, by this time a lot of improvement could have been done in Juba as the capital City.

Thus, the government should mobilized partners and embassies to construct good roads and bridges within Juba and in the states. Juba is big; it needs better infrastructures to link with other states.  These need understanding and improving insecurity conditions in the country.

Above all we need to have total peace in the country, so that donors can move free in those places and make progress.  For us to achieve a developmental plan, itrequires collective responsibility from all of us. Therefore, each state should have plan on how to improve infrastructures.

May God bless us all.

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