Juba-Bor road reported safe

By Sworo Charles Elisha

The Information Minister of Terekeka state Ladu Philip says, Juba-Bor road is getting back to normal since the youth from Gemeiza and Bor clashed in Sudan Safari two weeks ago.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone yesterday, Philip said some citizens are now returning from the islands to their farms.

“The security situation on the road is normal now. It is now busy. Few citizens are returning to their farms, but of course the two committees are yet to meet as they have been working separately, to create awareness on peaceful resolution of the conflict between the two warring youth groups,” he said.

He said the government of Terekeka state has formed two committees to talk to the youth to stop fighting, while the second committee has been tasked to mobilize for humanitarian assistance for the displaced people in the area.

“Our committees from the state have been working to ensure that the youth stop attacking any vehicle or any person on the road. So we have been carrying out awareness all this time until today,” he said. “The government has been working hard to ensure that the situation is normalized and to ensure that people go back and resume farming across the Nile,” he added.

He explained that the other committee has been formed to investigate the incident between the Gemeiza youth and Bor so that the two sides could come together to address the dispute amicably.

The minister appealed to the youth from Gemeiza and Bor to stop further hostilities to allow the two governments of Terekeka and Jonglei to resolve the conflict peacefully.

“It has been a misunderstanding that would have been handled at the level of the traditional chiefs. But the escalation to that level is actually what we condemn and we call upon all the youth to cease any confrontation to allow the government to resolve the issue through a dialogue,” he added.

Minister Philip denied attack on foreign truck drivers who were reportedly killed on Juba-Bor road on Saturday last week where the two died on spot and one died later in a hospital in Juba.

Sections of the media reported that foreign truck drivers from Somalia who were killed on Juba-Bor road were buried in Juba on Sunday.

“No, no. We have never received any information about that. It was only that incident which happened on the 5th May, 2017 from the initial crisis. Since the 8th of this month we have never received any incident that has happened on the road,” he said.

He said the last incident reported in Gemeiza was when soldiers were sent to open the road, they saw some youth and opened fire on them but there were no casualties reported.

“It was said that when the soldiers were coming to open the road, there was a misunderstanding,” he said. “When they saw some youth, they opened fire against them but we have never received any issue to do with casualties,” Minister Philip explained.

He said once the two governments meet to resolve the dispute amicably, culprits from both sides would face justice.

Efforts by Juba Monitor to reach Jonglei state Minister of Information for comments on the Bor-Gemeiza conflict by phone  proved futile.

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