Juba-Bor Road Beneficial: ARC official

By correspondent

The Juba-Bor Road is already beneficial to the people of South Sudan said Simon Akuei, the Coordinator of African Resource Cooperation.

Simon Akuei was speaking to journalists who were invited to see the progress of the Road construction at Mangalla Camp.

Simon revealed that several fishermen enroute the Juba-Bor Road every day to bring fresh fish from Bor to Juba for consumption by the population in Juba.

“The benefits of the Road are now clearly evident, even before we finish the construction, I stay at Mangalla and always on the Road, I have seen young men carrying fresh fish to Juba, early in the morning andevening, I see them returning to Bor with maize flour”, said Simon

Philp Kudior who runs a local restaurant at Mangalla Camp told the Dawn Newspaper that the already finished sections of the road is making life and movement very easy and buying and selling of goods has improved in the Camp.

“It is a smooth ride on a bike from Mangalla to Juba and within hours we are in Juba to buy goods and are able to return back and carry onwith our business, the road is helping us a lot”, said Philp

For a Taxi owner like Lado James who carries people from Juba to Mangalla three times a day, revealed that the Road has been so beneficial to his life and the lives of his loved ones.

“Since the completion of the Road from Juba to Mangalla, movement has been simple and for me who is in the transport business am so happy with the progress going on, am able to feed and clothe my family through what I get from my Noah”, said Lado

African Resources Cooperation also employees thousands of locals indirectly or directly and some of the staffs who spoke to the Dawn Newspaper like Josephine Wani, a supporting staff, the salary she earns has greatly supported her.

Josephine revealed that she was jobless and since she started working with African Resources life has been better.

“My salary is able to take care of me and my daughter, am sure some people in Juba don’t earn what I earn, am so grateful”, said Josephine.

Simon Akuei, Coordinator of African Resources Cooperation revealed that the company has over three hundred drivers and many other people involved in the Road Construction.

Simon also added the direct beneficiaries are the communities, where the camps are built.

“Wehave considered the communities first when it comes to jobs because we want them to be involved in the entire progress of the road”, said Simon.

The Juba Bor Road is expected to be completed fully in three hours from Now.

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