Juba airport wades in time zone controversy

By John Agok

A circular issued by Civil Aviation Authority informing all airline operators and Juba International Airport staff to adhere to the New Time Zone GMT plus has sparked off controversies within the Airport Authorities and Ministry of Transport.

The document which was issued by Deputy Manager of Juba International Airport (JIA) Eng. SalehAkotAnywan was disowned by Director General of JIA Mr. Kur Kuol.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone, Kur said that he was not aware of the circular issued by NOTAM since they did not generally meet as an authority of the airport including CEO of South Sudan Civil Aviation.

“I am surprised that the circular signed by Eng. Saleh was shared on media platform prior to our consultation. Yes, I was away on leave but now I am back to the office and I will verify fromNOTAMif this is true,” he explained.

However, the Minister of Transport MadutBiar was also not aware of the circular directing all airlines operators to comply with change of New Time Zone, because it will affect the international flights’ schedule if not properly addressed by the aviation authorities.

The circular widely shared in South Sudan Journalists platform read:

NOTAM, with reference to Republic of South Sudan public service New Time Zone GMT plus 2, the authority of Juba International Airport hereby declares that operation time for JIA will be from 6:00 am or 4:00 am local time GMT.

Closing time will be from 17:00 PM or 15:00 PM GMT. The management asks airline operators to strongly adjust to time zone.

However, Juba Monitor was unableto reach the operating airlines of both international and domestic ones on how the change in time will affect their flights’ schedule due to uncertainty of the circular.

South Sudan effected the adjustment of New Time Zone at the Midnight of the first hour of February this year.

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