Juba Airport authorities demand details from Ethiopian Airlines

By: Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Authorities at Juba International Airport are demanding details from the pilot and the crew members of the Ethiopian Airline that slipped off the runway on Tuesday.

On Tuesday evening, Ethiopian Airlines set for Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa slipped  off the runway as it was about to take off from Juba International Airport.

The spot check by Juba Monitor indicated that the aircraft was carrying about 23 passengers on aboard including two crew members but all were safe after the incident.  

Brig. Gen. Kur Kuol Ajieu, Director of Juba International Airport said details about the accident have not been presented to his office yet.

He revealed that he has directed the Airlines Company especially the pilot and the crew members including the control tower to present their findings about the accident.

Brig. Gen Ajieu was speaking to Juba Monitor in exclusive interview yesterday in Juba following the plane incident yesterday.

“I have ordered this company to tell the pilot to bring the report. We expect this report possibly today (Wednesday) because as of today Ethiopian Airlines could have already established the details. We have also informed their station manager this morning (yesterday) to bring the report,” Brig Gen Kur explained.

He said the Airport authorities would be in position to tell the public accurate information about the accident if they got all the reports. 

“We cannot just assume anything now whether it was a weather condition or what then everything will have to depend on the findings. The public should know that the pilot will tell us exactly what went wrong,” Brig. Gen Ajieu stated.

He also revealed that the control tower of Juba International Airport would write its own report about their communications with the pilot when the plane was taking off.

“So the tower as well will write its own report and if the report of the pilot comes then we will compare them and then now establish investigation to find out where was the mistake,” he said.

Brig. Gen Ajieu stated that the only information was that it broke out of the airport at about 20 or above meters.

He dismissed rampant discussion points on social media that the plane crashed landed at the Airport.

“No one can predict what happened exactly, if it was because of rain then we are yet to know. If it was a technical problem then the pilot will explain in the report. So now there is no information which has been established about the cause of the sliding,”

“If it was technical, water condition due to Tuesday’s rain then we are still to know but I cannot tell the public because I have not yet established the exactly information. We are just assuming but if there is information flowing on social media then they will say who told them,” he said.

He said that the plane has not been removed from its sliding side until the insurance company comes and determine the areas of damage in the plane.

When visited by Juba Monitor, Ethiopian Airlines Operations Manager in Juba Mr. Tsemru in his office at Panorama Plaza couldn’t be found in the office twice.

When contacted on phone in the afternoon, he said that “Sorry I cannot talk anything.”  

More attempts to reach him on phone were not successful as he declined to pick any phone calls from Juba Monitor.

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