Journalists urged to be agents of truth

By Nema Juma

Journalists in the country have been urged to be agents truth while reporting.

Kamil Kamaludden, a representative from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) appealed to journalists to ensure truth in their message.

“You should not see yourself as agent of something else but the agent of truth, peace and cohesion in the community,” Kamil said.

He was addressing a group of journalists during conflict sensitive and gender responsive reporting training organized by UNESCO in collaboration with the UNDP.

Mr. Kamil told journalists that the community was not better than the picture that they give out, “when you give it the picture of cars, war or the picture of something that is exactly that you harvest in.”

“It is important that you cling to this job, give good knowledge of the job but also good knowledge of the content, you need to know the larger picture that you’re looking at,” he added.

Kamil said it was important for each journalist to know for him or herself better what goes well for the larger interest of the community.

“You have the power of interest through the messages that you spread, you are the power of convincing people but also shaping behavior,” he added.

He said that journalists have their duty to ensure that they promote peace, harmony and progress in the society.

Speaking at the same event, Doreen, UNESCO’s communication officer said the ethical and professional standards are required to make the best out of the pivotal role of good journalism.

“We cover it (conflict) simply, vividly incessantly but we do not cover it with sophistication. We don’t cover causes, only consequences, and we do not cover solutions, says media specialist Marie-Soleil Fere” Doreen stated.

She said the media should strengthen the capacity of media professionals, to report in a well-researched, factual and non-biased way and without contributing to conflict.

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