Journalists trained on Gender sensitive reporting

By Rose Keji Benjamin

Journalists for Human Rights (JHR) in South Sudan held a two day work shop on Gender sensitive reporting for journalists.

The trainer for Gender sensitive reporting, Irene Ayaa said the workshop was aimed at helping female reporters to take courage when it comes to times of difficulties.

She said the workshop focused on challenges reporters face such as conflict of interest, limitation of resources and restriction to create ideas.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Ayaa said the focus of the training was to encourage students who are studying communication to gain courage in the journalism profession.

Ayaa called on female reporters to dress well while covering stories and follow the rules with good time management, respect of other people’s opinions and avoid unnecessary movement during news coverage.

“Journalists should do what they can do best and serve the public with truthful information,” she said.

She further said Gender needs to be mobilized especially when it comes to reporting and they should know their role as journalists.

Journalists are supposed to be truthful, independent, fair and impartial. “Humanity, accountability, trust, and integrity are key,” she said.

Irene encourages female journalists to know that the Association for Media Women in South Sudan (AMWISS) can also direct them incase of some difficulties.

A participant at the workshop, Catherine Akot Paul said the training is too limited because it is only for two days and she urged the organizers to make the training run for one month in order for the trainees to acquire more knowledge.

She called on female journalists who are willing to join journalism to come and join with effort and interest.

“We should be responsible reporters that can make history in the country through accuracy and truthfulness,” said Akot.

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