A foot for thought

Journalists trained on Federal system

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

The Ministry of Federal Affairs organized a two days’ workshop to build capacity of journalists on reportin gabout federal system in the country. During the presentation, it was said that one of the objectives of the training was to disseminate correct information to the public. They should report information from the right sources basically from the data given to them by the Ministry of Federal Affairs in the country. Federalism had been requested long time ago by the people of Southern Sudan during the time of united Sudan.

It is not a new idea for the people of South Sudan to adopt it as a governing system in the country. The system is to give powers and responsibility to people in the states. However, some people misunderstood federal system in different ways right from the beginning. They may think it is division of the government or having an idea of creating many states which is wrong.

Federal system gives powers to people to rule themselves in the states. It was written clearly in the document ofthe Revitalized Peace Agreement. If you want to talk on federal system, it is better for you to get information from the rightperson and understand the legal terms.

Journalists during the training suggested that the Ministry of Federal Affairs should translate the provided data to local languages in order for people to understand. They should follow information published in the newspapers and the electronic media to know the level of understanding of people in different places.

Journalists were advised that they should read the books given to them and understand the terms federalism. As they are the very people to enlighten citizens on the system.

The Ministry of Federal Affairs said they would organize another workshop in the coming days to educate people in the ten states, so that they would carry the same idea to the people at the grassroots as starting points of knowing federal system in the country.

May God bless us all.

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