Journalists trained on basic investigative skills

By John Agok

The British Embassy in collaboration with AMDISS started three days fellowship on basic investigative journalism in Juba.

Over ten journalists were trained on basic investigative skills by AMDISS in collaboration with the British Embassy in Juba.

In the opening statements from AMDISS, Michael Duku called on all journalists to be vigilant all the times adding that they should carry their gadgets to provide evidences to those people who claimed of being misquoted.

“Journalists have challenges on having their tools at fingertips all the times and I wonder how a soldier goes to the battle without a gun and expect to survive. I expect them to carry their gadgets including; recorders, camera and others to prove evidences when claims of misquoted speakers arise”, he said.

Duku reveal that, there is difference between fellowship and actual training in the field of journalism.

“This fellowship is not actual training. You must be active enough to do practical work than expecting training without field visit. MDI has adopted only investigative journalism in Extractive Industry modules and limited to oil exploration, but we came to realize as AMDISS to engage journalists on this basic investigative Journalism”, he added.

He cited the lessen number selected due to both COVID -19 protocols and those who applied from the states cannot make it due to financial strain.

“We cannot maintain the targeted 20 journalists meant to attend this fellowship as a result of COVID -19 Protocols and those who applied at states cannot make it to Juba due to scarce resources”, he added.

Meanwhile, Irene Ayaa cautioned journalists doing stories to balance their work by following the code and ethics of journalism.

“For the good of investigative journalists, you need to follow ethics always and start to balance your stories. You qualify to this opportunity because you met the criteria and whereas the rest couldn’t make because of such procedures and requirements”, she said.

This is the first time for AMDISS to engage South Sudanese journalists in Basic investigative Journalism fellowship and expected to be continued.

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