Journalists should report ethically

By Anna Nimiriano


The Media Authority in collaboration with Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) organized a two-day workshop on strengthening the Role of Editors and Station Managers towards promotion of Freedom of Expression and Professional Media in the country. It was discussed that freedom of expression has limitation in media. Not all information is considered as freedom of expression. Editing stories is the responsibility of Editors and station Managers, to see in to it that all information to be published and broadcast is well edited.

Anything that harms the government, an institution and group of people is not freedom of expression. Hate speech, deformation should be eliminated out by Editors and station Managers not to cause damage.

Journalists should understand the ethic and media law. The booklets given them by Media Authority were to be read carefully with full understanding to avoid misreporting to the public. For the reason that media is seen as an eye to report occur information to the public. Government should promote media by building the capacity of journalists. You cannot say journalists are unprofessional and you are not training them. It is not enough for somebody to study mass communication in University or an institution then immediately you employee without any training in the field of journalism.

Some people say that they are not reading newspapers, even not listening to Television and radios these days due to lack of accuracy in reporting. However, some editors and station Managers are busy; doing more jobs and has little time in newsroom. Most editorial work is left to junior staff; in that case sometimes mistakes occur.

Some professional journalists left jobs because of poor payment, they look for jobs that they get better salaries. Conflict in the country made journalists to leave their job and some of them have become refugees in the neighboring countries, like Uganda, Kenya and Sudan. If we need development of media houses, we should create good working environment to journalists in the country. Several of them left the country in fear for their safety and harassment.

Conversely, International Organizations supporting media should continue to build the capacity of journalists.

We need more from institutions operating in the country.  To change the image of media is not a one day’s work, it has to take time and need sustainable peace in the country.

If media is used in good manner, it would bring peace in the country, otherwise it is vice versa. We need to improve our way of managing media in the country by coming together and reporting challenges facing the media. We need to work within editorial policies of media houses to guide us in the newsroom.  Yet journalists were requested to have clear sources of information while doing stories. Social media should be used in good way, not copying and pasting stories which mislead public.

All the negative information mentioned above had contributed to poor reporting in newsrooms.

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