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Journalists’ rights to be included in Labor Bill, says UJOSS

Chairperson of Union of Journalists of South Sudan, Oliver Modi Philip

By SasukTaban

South Sudan’s media practitioners have deliberated onjournalists’rights that they need to be included in the Labor Bill before it ispassed by the national parliament.

Speaking to Juba Monitor during the consultative meeting, Oliver Modi Philip, chairman of the Union of Journalists of South Sudan (UJoSS) said the aim of the meeting was to bring together all concerned stakeholders to give inputs on the bill covering the rights of journalists.

“As journalists we have agreed to insert our concerns into the Labor Bill in four main areas that include: safety, security, protection and welfare of journalists in South Sudan with focus on their rights of employment and how to follow up other cases of employee-employer disagreement,”Modisaid.

“If we have to develop good labor laws then we need the inclusive participation of all the stakeholdersbecause making laws is not [a] one man business.You need to include the approaches of other stakeholders.”

The chairman added that Labor Laws are very important for media practitioners in the country because it will guide them on how to render good services to the citizens.

The acting chairperson for the committee of labor at the national parliament, Hon. Victor Omugo said their presence in the meeting was to find out the views of journalists on the labor bill.

Hon.Omugu added that they will develop a written report of all the ideas agreed upon by the journalists and then present it before the parliament so that they are included in the labor bill before assent and signing into law by the president.

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