Journalists cautioned to report accurately on coronavirus

 By Elia Joseph Loful

The Chairperson of the Union of Journalists of South Sudan (UJOSS) Oliver Modi Philip urged journalists to report responsibly during the wake of coronavirus pandemic disease.

“My message to all journalists in the Republic of South Sudan, as we are faced with Coronavirus which is a deadly disease all over the world, what I want journalists to do is seek relevant sources of information about coronavirus.

He advised reporters not to pick information on social media saying such information lacks verification and could mislead the public.

“All journalists should find a way to make sure that they get true information from the Ministry of Health and World Health Organization, they can give correct information, because you cannot verify social media,”Modi cautioned.

As the world battles the pandemic disease, some countries in Africa have already confirmed the virus while in East Africa South Sudan and Burundi are still free from the disease though some cases have proved negative after laboratory test.

 “I appeal to all Media managers that to avail protection tools for the safety of journalists so that they move with them and get stories,” Modi appealed.

He said the media houses should ensure that there was no congestion of the staff to avoid the disease.

He said journalists should not be confined in one place urging editors to organize the journalists to work in shifts as a precautionary measure.

“I am seeing some journalists are making fun of coronavirus, they are taking it as something simple, the language they are presenting make people not think it is something dangerous,” he argued.

He warned people not to spread false information concerning the pandemic adding there was nothing for people to joke about it.

“As I said some people are taking coronavirus for fun, like those journalists talking behind microphone laughing on it and so on joking here and there. Tell the listener that coronavirus is real and they should take care,”Modi warned.

The Chairperson revealed that a journalist from Zimbabwe has already died of Coronavirus.

“Already in Zimbabwe we have lost one journalist and that guy is an African and he is dead,” he said.

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