It is a big shame to note that some leaders on the land showed fishy behaviors to journalists whom they invited to cover a press conference. When it comes to media treatment, many institutions in the country seem to view journalists as non-essential people. This is a bad depict. Journalists are not robots. Journalists are humans. They are not rather cheap to be cheated. They are very expensive, above all they are very important people in the society, and they hold the day today information needed to be aired, published or wired via online outlets. They deserve high integrity ever needed so far. Journalists are the voice of the voiceless. Nobody should undermine or under-rate the role of the media personnel. As they try to serve the community, they should be accorded due respect and given the opportunity to carry out their work while on the line of their duties. The institutions that sometime organize press conferences and invite journalists to cover, should stop taking advantage of the journalists either to harass or exploit them in the cause of the day. We are calling on whoever wants to invite media personnel to ensure that journalists are treated with respect, care and given freedom to cover stories without intimidation and harassment. If such behaviors happen to continue to reporters then, we will suggest that the media authority should issue directives to all media institutions operating in the country to ensure that reporters are guided before they go out of their media houses to cover any event whatsoever it may be. Secondly, The Media Authority should from time to time engage friendly interactions between media houses, government and other agencies, such that they should be reminded why media is paramount. Many of them are unaware that media is the fourth estate of government.

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