Journalists and UNCG convened lunch working sessions

By John Agok

Journalists from various media houses and United Nations Communication Group (UNCG) yesterday had a lunch working sessions by sharing experiences and build up working relationship.

The get together event was meant to bring Communication Officers with journalists to also discuss challenges faced during follow-up stories, and how much efforts exerted to forge ahead new innovative ways of working with the Media and  access to information.

Loboka Doreen UNESCO communication specialist disclosed that, the get together event was meant to let people interact after a while without meetings due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

“It has been a while without meetings face to face due Covid-19 pandemic. We are to share our experiences and challenges in regards to efforts exerted by UN Agencies ,  and to give helping hands in ensuring journalists work easier”, she said.

Doreen highlighted on how about 20 UN agencies to give a helping hands to journalists, in building their capacity and facilitate trips to cover stories.

Oyet Patrick Charles, the UJOSS president commended efforts of UN agencies in cooperating with journalists to cover stories and appealed for more capacity building especially in specialization for journalists.

“We really appreciated UN agencies of supporting journalists as we conducted a lot of workshop. Also there is a need for specialization for journalists to be specifically reporting with in-depth knowledge”, he said during lunch working sessions.

Veronica Lucy Gordon AMWISS Chairperson highlighted on norms and culture in line of code of conduct.

“There is a need to continue with training of journalists in code of conduct or ethics, it is like a checklist for us journalists. For journalists to perform better and be safe in this field”, she said.

She also cautioned journalists to be mindful of sharing information with people whom you do not know.

“As journalists, know your privacy and privacy of others. Journalism is a professional job, you do not need to share work with wrong people”, she added.

UNCG and United Nations Country Team comprises of 21 UN agencies in South Sudan with common mandate of attaining sustainable development Goals (SDG).

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