Josephine Lagu denied legitimacy over SSOA

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Newly elected Chairperson of South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) Josephine Lagu Yanga has been denied legitimacy over the leadership by some political parties within the umbrella.

Last week, a faction of SSOA held an election in Juba and declared Lagu the leader of SSOA umbrella.

Lagu is the Chairperson of the People’s Democratic Movement, a political party that falls under SSOA.

Yesterday another faction within the SSOA umbrella refuted last week’s election claiming the right ownership of the group.

The group added that Lagu’s faction was within the main leadership of the sunshade.

Addressing the press after their meeting with the Chairperson of the National Pre-Transitional Committee (NPTC) Thursday, Denay Jock Chagor who claimed legitimacy over SSOA said his members met with the NPTC management to clarify on misleading information on the media.

“We want to inform everyone that SSOA is still together and that the group that is sending messages on social media is just break away group. And they are now moving against the peace agreement that we all signed,” he said

“So we want to urge the public not to listen to their voices that are circulating on the media. If there is anything that concerns SSOA, then we are the ones to respond to it, whether politically or militarily,” Chagor said.

Chagor said the public should not get alarmed over the circulating rumors of division within SSOA describing it as “propaganda”.

“We don’t want the public to get discouraged by the negative media reports that have been sent out by the other side that SSOA is divided. And that our position may not be strong. In this regard, we still stand firm as the main umbrella of SSOA,” he said.

He said the revitalized peace agreement was for the ordinary people of South Sudan not parties or politicians, adding that they were looking forward to ensuring that they fulfill their commitment to the peace agreement.

Gabriel Changson Chang, the Secretary General of South Sudan  Alliance (SSOA) said the legitimate SSOA is where he serve as the General Secretary rather Lagu’s led group.

“Well for us, we are the legitimate leaders because we were the one leading SSOA as whole. We were two factions but we came together. Now the ones who are shouting loud are the break away. Madam Josephine is a faction,” he said.


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