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Josephine Kidan Crowned Miss Deaf Africa

By Martin Manyiel Wugol

The 1st of October 2021 came with excitement, hope and happiness for the people of South Sudan when the good news was breaking on social media platforms that Josephine Kidanwas crowned as Miss Deaf Africa 2021 in Tanzania.

Queen Josephine Kidan was the first-ever South Sudanese woman to take part in Deaf Beauty event and bagged an international crown award for her country, South Sudan.

According to Mrs. Achol Arow owner of company that work to identify people living with disability and promote their talents in the society. Achol Arow shared inspiring story of crowned queen Josephine Kidan with Juba Monitor online and she attributed the achievement of Queen Josephine Kidan as achievement to “People of South Sudan and East Africa as a whole people have a reason to celebrate the queen of beauty’s massive achievement and representing people who are visually impaired in South Sudan, literally she became change-maker to her peers and to the country.”

Achol Arow called upon South Sudanese with such problems to come out and be helped to achieve their dreams and be useful people in the society since disability is not inability.Potential could be realized using all means possible like what queen Josephine Kidan achieved irrespective of her being deaf person.

Mrs. Achol Arow thanked everyone who has commented, liked, supported, and shared queen Josephine Kidan’s journey toward her processes and be crowned queen she deserved. 

Achol Arow owner of company known as AROW MGMT (Management). Whose work was to identify, shaping, guiding, preparing, and training beauty queens who were qualified to compete nationally or internationally, the crowned queen Josephine was one of Achol Arow respective clients.

Josephine would travel to Italy next year in 2022 for the big competition of Miss Deaf Beauty Pageant organized internationally. She would be the only representative from the African continent.

 Miss Deaf Beauty Africa Josephine was expected to receive heroine welcoming at Juba International airport this Saturday 9th whereby public was requested to be at the airport at 1:30 PM. The plane would land at 2 PM and the public was asked as well as media houses to come with flags at the airport to welcome crowned queen back home.

She was accompanied by her supportive family, friends, interpreter Grace Amviiko, communicator John Albino, and manager.

Queen Josephine Kidan was crowned Miss deaf Africa 2021 in highly contested regional event held in Tanzania and attended by many countries.

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