Joppa community told to eradicate poverty

By: Wek Atak Kacjang

Members of Joppa community in Luri County of Jubek have been told to work toward poverty eradication.

Speaking during a workshop yesterday, the Founder of Community Initiative for Sustainable Peace Organization (CISPO) Francis Wajo Wani, said poverty is not about lack of material possession but also mental means of production.

Adelio Obur, member of CISPO said women are the most impoverished group when it comes to dealing with poverty-related challenges. Obur said this is a gripping problem that CISPO seeks to resolve by ensuring there is food security.

“We also learn that some of the women in this country are busy in the market but their problem they don’t have some basic knowledge of book keeping and financial management,” Obur said.

 He added that as organization, they call on the community to desist from violent means of solving problems but instead learn to resolve issues amicably. “ 

He revealed that the aim of the workshop is to help families to build the skills of peaceful conflict management.

The organization plans to give women more project so as to raise some fund through macro credit with the help of international agencies.

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