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Jongleipeople start tilling amidst hunger

ByKidega Livingstone

The people of Jonglei state have started clearing their farmlandsfor the first season cultivation ahead of looming hunger in the state as a result of skyrocketing prices and shortage of food items in Bor town.

Jacob AkecDengdit, Jonglei State minister of information said the government has directed the communities to start preparing for cultivation in order to minimize the hunger in the area.

“We have the expectation of food insecurity and hunger is approaching. I know in the next few months it will be tough and we are telling our people to start preparingtheir land in advance as soon as rain starts their field would be ready for planting,” saidAkec

He made the statement while speaking over Radio Miraya FM yesterday.

Akecsaid they had informed the communities that food from United Nations agencies like WFP and UNHCR would not be enough for the nation. He said the government would also soon rally citizens to embark fully on agricultural activities and effective use of the waters of the River Nile to increase food production.

“We are going back to the old system of using River Nile because we used to plant our crops throughout the year. We did nothave dry season because we have enough water,” he said.

Akecsaid people of Jongleihave been urged to embrace peace and work towards reconciliation with a particular call to youth, saying that citizens should play an active role in promoting peace.

“To people of Jonglei state, this is a year of dialogue, a year of peace and reconciliation and healing. It has to start with the youth to make sure they are behind our PresidentSalvaKiir’s vision to see this country free of violence,” Akecsaid.

The security situation in most parts of the states in the country has interrupted farming activities among the communities, majority fled to neighboring countries while other remained in internally displaced persons’ camps.


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