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Jonglei women welcome ban on sale of local alcohol

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Women groups in Bor have embraced the ban of local alcohol and Uganda Waragi by the local authorities.

Last week authorities in Twic East counties banned the sale of local alcohol and the Uganda’s distilled alcohol known as Uganda Waragi.

The order came after some drunken armed youth opened fire at the people in the market.

The women in Jonglei State have described the move taken by the local authorities as “crucial” saying the order was aiming at reforming the drunken youth in the area.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, the Chairlady of Twic East Women Association Ms Ayak Kuol Mading said that the women had welcomed the move as alcohol was spoiling their husbands and children in the area.

”What Twic East leadership has done is correct,” Ms Mading said. ‘As women leader I have welcomed the move because alcohol has really spoiled our husbands and children. Children are drinking with mothers and elders together,” she added.

She urged the authority to implement its order saying alcohol had become an evil in the society. Ms Mading urged the youth to refrain from taking alcohol.

“This will destroy your health please. Imagine now there are a lot of impacts on the youth due to too much consumption of alcoholic drinks,” she said.

”For the women who were making it should shift to another business because alcohol is not the only business,” Ms Mading stated

Adau Chol Ajak, one of the senior women in Bor said most young girls were involved in the consumption of alcohol which she said was dangerous for their health.

She said the same order must be extended to all parts of Jonglei State. “We want the same order to be declared in Bor town and the state government must impose maximum law to punishments those who will break the order,” Ms Ajak stressed.

Meanwhile, for Mary Amou Deng, she wants a complete ban on all types of alcohol including whisky. ”As women we don’t need any alcohol to be consumed in Jonglei State. We completely don’t like them here,” she said.

According to Ms Deng most young people in Bor were not going to school due to alcohol saying instead they were graduating from the “universities of alcohol.”

“They have been taken up by the alcohol and this is completely letting us backward,” she added.


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