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Jonglei, Terekeka agree to stop hostilities

A delegation from Dinka Bor and Mundari communities yesterday agreed to cease hostilities between the two neighbours.

Tension erupted following incidents along Juba-Bor road where about 40 people were killed in the last two weeks.

This comes at the end of two day peace dialogue in Juba supported by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and United Nations Mission In South Sudan (UNMISS) in an effort to solve the conflict that has since displaced hundreds from Gemeiza into islands of the Nile.

The peace conference was witnessed by the security advisor to the President, and the governor of Jubek state in Juba.

In a joint communiqué issued by the communities, Dinka Bor and Mundari communities agreed and committed themselves to cessation of hostilities, and empower the commissioners of the border counties of Gemeiza, Bor South and Mangalla to restraint the youth and address security threats in their areas.

According to the communiqué, they also agreed to open and secure the road and river transport between the states of Terekeka, Jonglei and Jubek.

“We call on anybody who is blocking access and utilisation of the road and river to desist from doing so,” the communiqué reads.

The communities asked for deployment of organised forces in hot spots along the Juba-Bor road, specifically in Bangasorot, Bilnyang two, Buko, Gulubach, Khorsomba, Sudan Safari, Wagara Wugur (khor-makuach) and Yeki.

They also agreed to resettle Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and ensure provision of humanitarian assistance to the IDPs from the affected communities.

A Committee has been formed headed by the First Vice President, to investigate and prosecute culprits of the one week incident that happened in Sudan Safari in Gemeiza County on 2nd May this year.

The communities also agreed to implement Presidential Order of May 2015 for the removal of cattle out of former Central Equatoria to avoid future conflicts between cattle keepers and farmers.

Joint Customary Courts would resolve communal cases between the Dinka Bor and the Mundari.

Bari community courts would also be established, according to the communiqué.

The communities will sign a peace agreement within 30 days through the First Vice President in consultation with the governors of the three states.

By Jale Richard

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