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Jonglei State starts medical test for hotel workers

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Jonglei State Ministry of Health has started medical tests for all hotel and restaurant workers in Bor town, an exercise it said would “prevent the spread of infectious diseases.”

The medical examination includes blood testing for all persons working in hotels, restaurants, local alcohol makers, bar attendants and butcheries.

Jonglei State Deputy Director for Public Health Makuei Alier said that the experts were already on board carrying out the analysis to know the workers’ health status.

He said that it was a time to look into health statuses of the hotels workers and their hygiene levels.

Alier said it was the responsibility of the hotel and bar owners or managers to inform their respective workers to be available for the medical test once the health team arrives at their premises.

“It is in the demand of the Ministry of Health and health practitioners in Jonglei State to have their status known,” Mr. Alier said.

According to the Ministry of Health, the diseases to be tested include Tuberculosis (TB), Hepatitis, Typhoid and other infectious diseases.

Mr Alier said anyone diagnosed positive with one of the diseases would be asked to seek medical treatment before he or she could be allowed to resume work.

The Deputy Director of Public Health warned all hotel owners to be careful at observing the exercise to safe guard lives of their clients and the general public.

”If someone is given the medical form and decides to hide it home, we shall suspect the person to be positive with either of the diseases. Then we will dismiss the person to allow someone who is healthy to serve the public,” he stressed.

Mr Alier said according to public health it was not right for an infectious disease to serve the public especially in the hotels.

He reiterated that diseases like Hepatitis and Tuberculosis were so dangerous and could easily be spread from one person to the other if not controlled.

Hepatitis is one of the most dangerous diseases that can be transmitted through blood and body fluid if one comes into contact with an infected person.

The bacteria that cause TB are spread through the air from person to person when a person with TB disease coughs, speaks, or sings. People nearby may breathe in these bacteria and become infected.





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