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Jonglei State gov’t agreed to pay Civil Servants

By Deng Ghai Deng

Jonglei State government has agreed to pay  civil servants full allowances after a committee tasked by the National Ministry of Public Service, Labor and Human Resource development met with the Civil servants in Bor.

Last week, civil servants temporarily called off their strike after state officials agreed to meet all their demands. 

The demonstrations resumed by blocking the Bor airstrip and the Juba-Bor highway, paralyzing traffic because the government officials failed to live up to their commitments.

Samuel Majier, the Secretary General of the Jonglei State’s Workers’ Trade Union said that, although the Jonglei State government’s officials are no longer trustworthy because of always going back on their words, the Workers’ Trade Union called off the strike for a while in respect of the national government.

“We have reached an agreement with the state government. We appreciate the delegation from Juba who made this day fruitful to us. The points we agreed on are the full payment of our salaries andour allowances together”.

At the same time, Bior Mabat, one of the Teachers’ representatives says that he welcomed the move by the state government to pay the civil servants according to their demands.

 “We will keep watching as from date 27 up to date 29, if the government pays deaf ears and dismantles this agreement, the civil servants have rights to claim and they will go back for strike on the 30th continuing up to next year.” Mabat said.

John Itorong, the Head of the delegation sent from Juba to address Jonglei civil servants’ crisis acknowledged Jonglei civil servants’ demands saying they are right.

“I urged the civil servants in Jonglei State to call off the protests and resume their duties now as the government at the national level stands with them in addressing their grievances. The national government through the Ministry of Public Service, Labor and Human Resource development will monitor and make sure the civil servants in Jonglei and other states receive their salaries with full allowances according to the new salary structure,”

Meanwhile, Tuong Majok, the Jonglei State Acting governor says the state government has again agreed to release funds and pay the civil servants their full salaries including additional allowances according to the new salary structure after meeting the delegation sent from Juba.

 “We have received the delegation from Juba; they came to settle and give a clear message to these demonstrators. Since yesterday, we have been talking over this issue and at the end of this morning, the state has accepted to pay the nature of work allowances to our civil population. This is what we have agreed on, the government is tasked to put these allowances in place and we are committed to do it.” Majok said

In Jonglei State, hundreds of Jonglei state employees rejected their salaries and staged demonstrations to protest what they call the state’s modified salary structure which does not follow the new salary structure ordered by the National Ministry of Labor and Public Service two months ago. 

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