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Jonglei State Governor Urges People to Embrace R-ARCSS

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

While addressing thousands of residents who turned up during the 8th Anniversary yesterday in Bor Town, Jonglei state Governor Maker Thiong Maal said it was high time the people of South Sudan embrace the Revitalized Peace Agreement regardless of challenges.

He said the peace agreement was a cornerstone towards ending the long and continuous suffering of the people of South Sudan.

Maal stated that proper contribution and implementation of the peace agreement would further peace, unity and reconciliation without reverse.

“To stop this suffering of our people, the economic crises, underdevelopment and insecurity in many parts of the country, let us all embrace the Revitalized Peace Agreement,” Governor Maal said.

“Our President Salva Kiir Mayardit signed this agreement in order to end bloodbath that started in 2013, therefore, it is a right of all the citizens of this nation to embrace, promote, protect and personalize the deal,” he added.

Mr. Maal cautioned the natives to take lead in championing the peace agreement, citing that no one should be left behind.

“The agreement is entirely ours! Let’s own it and we make it our responsibility. It belongs to all of us regardless of political affiliation, religion, race, gender and social status,” he urged.

According to him, if peace prevails, the Independence Day would always be celebrated annually without fear of insecurity and other crime related issues.

“It is us who fight and it is us who can say no to war and collectively bring peace back to our country. We all need peace in order to enjoy our Independence and develop our nation,” the governor said.

He said that it was right time to stop war within the country to allow economic development and build social fabric.

“We went to war with North to be free, independent and develop our country. So let us stop war and do exactly what we needed Independence for, I therefore beseech you the citizens of Jonglei state to be an example in the implementation of the peace agreement,” Mr. Maal pointed out.

“We are all aware that unity and peace do go together, so to remain peaceful, we must be united and for us to remain united we must be peaceful,” he said,

According to him, people should repent to realize peace dividends across the country.

“Our unity solely rests on first confessing and repenting to God and one another for the wrongs that we have done; followed by complete forgiveness, reconciliation and then finally peace,” he concluded.

Mr. Maal affirmed his government commitment towards ensuring peaceful stay and unity among the people.

Mach Majier Gai, Bor town Mayor said that the Independence fought for was not for further fighting among the people.

He said that peace survival must be in the hands of the citizens without unnecessary affiliations.

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