Jonglei State Governor calls on locals to embrace peace

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The Jonglei State Governor, Maker Thiong Maal has called on the locals to embrace peace among them.
He said promotion of peace at the grassroots was the only option to rebuild lives of the affected people across the country.
Governor Maal was addressing a gathering at Cultural festival in Bor town on Wednesday.
The event was organized by Christian Agency for Peace and Development (CAPaD) in collaboration with the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) under the theme “BelednaAwel” meaning Our Country first.
“It is about peaceful coexistence and respect of one’s another that will culminate into positive living of the people,” he said.
“If we work together in mitigating conflict, then I believe our country will return to normalcy and we will all enjoy the peace dividends,” Governor Maal added.
He said that as South Sudan implements the peace agreement for complete stability, he encouraged the natives to jointly work with the stakeholders in championing grassroots peace initiatives.
Governor Maal tasked the youth to strengthen possibilities into achieving peace without inciting violence.
“As leaders, we are moving on the footprints of our old generations and forefathers and if there is something that will make you (youth) to deviate from the routes then it will be according to you,” he stressed.
Dhieu David Dau, Executive Director at Kreative Nile Family (KNF), said it was shocking and challenging to see that youth were not contributing to the welfare of the society.
Dau’s organization is currently running a youth mobile theatre in Greater Jonglei that aims to promote peace at the grassroots through cultural festivals.
He called on the indigenous people of Jonglei State to eradicate flaws affecting relation among them and start thinking about development.
“Our country should be first. Peace starts with you and me if we just sing it like a song then we will never achieve it,” Dau explained.
“Whoever is in South Sudan should join hands together and work for its stability,” he added.
Gabriel Deng Ajak, Jonglei State Director for Relief and Rehabilitation Commission said if the youth did not embrace peace then the whole communities would continue in a mess.
“From my generation downward, something is wrong with us and if we are not keen then the downfall of this country will be counted on to us,” he said.
“If we are not careful as youth and students at schools then it will be dangerous. Peace at home and in the community is very important this is what our lives needs,” Ajak stressed.
Freed Paul, Civil Affairs Officer at United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), Jonglei Field Office applauded Christian Agency for Peace and Development for its effort to promote peace in the state.
He said UNMISS was ready to support and work with such organizations and stakeholders for durable peace.
“UNMISS would like to collaborate with such innovative national organizations raising awareness on peace through schools, civil society organizations and stakeholders engagement including the grassroots population,” Paul explained.
He stated that the stakeholders should be on the same track to advance peace to the locals.
“These efforts should be all geared towards raising awareness between communities on peace and reconciliation,” Paul said.

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