Jonglei residents welcome wrestlers back from Lakes State

Massive residents of Bor welcoming the wrestling team from Lakes State

By Jacob Bol Mayar

The residents of Bor yesterday welcomed the Jonglei State wrestlers back from Yirol after Jalle Payam of Jonglei victory against Abang Payam of Lakes state over the weekend in Yirol in the peaceful wrestling as a way of promoting peace between Lakes State and Jonglei State.

Chieek Akuak Mayen, the chief said that “we are thrilled by how the people of Bor have welcomed back home wrestlers and thanks the government and the people of Lakes State for their hospitality.

“The aims of the wrestling was to achieve peace between two states and that is what we have achieved. The wrestling did experience any violence during and until the game of the wrestling,” Chieek Akuak said

Chieek added that it has been a wonderful experience in Lakes state and thanked the people of Jonglei state for their warm welcome and the turn up.

“I hope that we can also see the wrestling competition between Jonglei and Greater Pibor Administrative Area and the rest of the neighboring states of Jonglei state”. Said Deng

He added that the return of the wrestlers from Lakes State was great because they have come with victory to our people of Jonglei

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