Jonglei residents call on gov’t to disarm youth

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Residents in Makuach payam of Bor County of Jonglei State are calling on the national government to disarm youth carrying guns in the area to minimize inter- communal violence in the state.

The call came following a fresh inter-communal attack in Makuach Town of Bor County that erupted on the 18th of June that left at least 10 people dead including the commander of the Police unit.

Alier Mabior, one of the residents of the area said the government has the capacity to protect and provide adequate security not only in Jonglei but all over South Sudan.

 “Killing innocent citizens is a violation of human right, if the government has taken this responsibility to disarm all armed youth and protect civilians without the required and matching ability to do so, communities are likely to take back the role to protect themselves,” Mabior said.

 “Let government assist in establishing protection priorities and searching for complementary efforts, such as informal security and justice mechanisms that communities can offer to set off the work of the security in the area.”

He said there was need to take into consideration, subsequent approaches or phases when carrying out disarmament.

Another resident Joseph Thon said protection of civilians needs to go hand in hand with strengthening justice and law enforcement as part of peaceful dispute resolution alternatives for resolving community and inter-communal disputes.

“I suggest that before the disarmament process proceeds the government should get back to consultations with the communities to jointly clear and develop approaches to address their critical and disarmament specific security concerns,” Thon said.

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