Jonglei residents advised to forge peaceful coexistence

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Residents of Jonglei State have been advised to shun division and work together for peaceful co-existence among themselves.

The call came after the State experience a wave of inter-communal conflicts that has displaced thousands and several people killed.

Civil society members and youth leaders were speaking in Bor town during a campaign said the campaign was meant to fight tribalism and gender inequality in Greater Jonglei. 

The campaign theme, “Aninasawa” literally translated “we are the same” was carried out in Jongei State capital Bor over the weekend. Other events were conducted in three counties of Duk, Twic East and Bor South.

The campaign was conducted by the Christian Agency for Peace and Development (CAPaD) through funding from the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) with the aim of uniting communities. 

Guot Kiir Guot, the Field Coordinator at Christian Agency for Peace and Development said the campaign was undertaken to change negative behaviors, discourage division and advance equality among the people.

“This is the right time, we the residents must forgo the current happenings and work for unity of our people in Greater Jonglei,” he said.

David Garang Goch, Chairperson of Jonglei Civil Society Network said there was an urgent need for the natives of Jonglei to work together amid the challenges.

He advised the youth to refrain from inciting communities at both local and national levels, citing that they were supposed to be agents of peace.

“We need not to be used as tribal citizens in order to fight some people’s interests and positions. I wish we refrain from supporting tribes or communities and join the campaign and work together for peace,” Goch said. 

Ngang Philip Malek, a youth leader in Bor said forgiveness would be the only fundamental element to improve the relations among the different communities, adding that people would come together when they forgive each other and open new chapter for peace.

“As the defunct States join back to Bor town especially the people of Greater Akobo, Bieh and others, we urge the unity brings a new change,” he said.

Malek asked the youth to work for one goal so that they can bring unity to the people of Greater Jonglei.

According to Malek, the campaign against tribalism would help improve the relation among communities if the people were well sensitized.    

“This campaign is what needed for the South Sudanese citizens to come together and stand firm against tribalism in South Sudan; we need to work together as youth such that we develop our nation. We need not to be tribal people,” he said.

At least over 10,000 locals were reached out during the campaign.

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