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Jonglei receives new police commissioner

Elia Kosta M faustino, speaking during his inauguration in Bor

By Jacob Bol Mayar

Jonglei Police received a new Police Commissioner with aim of promoting peace and stability in the country.   

Maj. Gen. Joseph Mayen Akoon, former Police Commissioner said that there are numerous challenges such as insecurity in the State.

“Our dedication to SSNPS goal of protecting civilians remains a priority and protecting human rights equally stands as our core mandate as we implement the Revitalized Peace Agreement. I look forwards to your success in helping bring better reforms and curbing insecurity in the state and recommend capacity building towards skillful training, rehearsing and refreshment training of police in the state and recruitment of new police force at a useful age,”

He added that once again and I can assure you to cooperate with us even if you belong to a different state, your assignment will help us on different issues in the state.  Congratulations to all, specifically the colleagues in Uniforms, the National Security, and the C.I.D who played vital roles in my former administration, may you keep on the same spirit and once again congratulate the incoming commissioner of police.

Meanwhile, Maj. Gen. Elia Kosta M Faustino, new police commissioner of Jonglei state said that I thank the government of Jonglei state for the warm welcome since my arrival until now and I am to be handed over the role of a new commissioner of Jonglei state because most people won’t just hand over the office like what Mayen has done by handing over to me the office of police.

“I’m not here to change, I am here to increase the work of those who came before me and we will be working to serve the rights of people in Jonglei State and protect them with their properties and we have come with 6 vehicles to help the police in fighting crimes in the state”. Elia said 

Elia urged the police personnel not to get involved in politics as our role is to serve the civilians and protect them and I called on the government to support the police in fueling the vehicles and food to police and the incentive to the police personnel and I have to fight criminals(niggers) which will be a role of CID because when I was in Aweil, the issue of crimes reduced and we have to fight for the right of Gender Base Violent in the state.

Tuong Majok Deng, the acting Governor of Jonglei state said that all the police personnel will be in the frontline protecting civilians.

“The situation of Jonglei State seems to be peaceful inside the wall of capital Bor, but some kilometers away, there is a lot of insecurity even those five counties have been abandoned and people migrated to some parts of the country”. Said Tuong 

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