Jonglei, Pibor in peace Process

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Inter-community peace dialogue between Jonglei State and Pibor Administrative Area kicked off on Saturday in Panyagor County to bring to an end the persisting inter-communal flights, child abduction and  cattle raiding in the area.

Early this month, President Salva Kiir Mayardit formed committees to go in the area and investigate the incident the continuous killing among the communities.

Philip Aguer Panyang, the former Governor of defunct Jonglei State who is the head of subcommittee for peace building and conflict resolution, said their role was to go and talk with chiefs, elders and community representatives in the area to stop the fighting in greater Jonglei, and to called back their youth who had left for Pibor Area.

“We went to Panyagor three day ago and we started with the peace dialogue as it was stated by the president,” he said.

During his address to the nation, on the eve of 9th Independence Day anniversary, President Kiir vowed for full-scale disarmament campaign to end tribal violence in the country.

Kiir said the government was set to initiate inter and intra-communal dialogue to address the root causes of the problems in coming days alongside full-scale disarmament.

Aguer said the chiefs from both communities agreed to exchange contact information and communicate regularly so that they could get in touch and proactively address contentious issues in the community.

Peter Goga, A senior Chief representing Pibor Administrative Area said there was a need for them to cooperate and disseminate information so that they at the local level could act promptly to save lives.

“We have learnt through this conflict although through a painful way. I hope after this dialogue there shall be sustainable peace,” he said.

“We are thankful to President for bringing the two communities together to find a common ground and resolve conflict that have derailed our relationship. We parents of these children who are killing themselves in an inter-communal conflict often feel the pain. We are always delightful for forums that promote peaceful coexistence and conflict resolution through nonviolent means. Please men, allow this peace hold,” Goga added.

He added that he would do what he could to retrieve children abducted by his community and return them to Bor, and urged his counterparts to stop their young people from attacking Boma land instead to report any incident to the relevant authorities.

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