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Jonglei, Pibor gov,t condemned Anyidi killing in Bor

By Jacob Bol Mayar

 Jonglei State government and Greater Pibor Administrative Area condemned Anyidi killing that left two people killed over the weekend on road ambush while headed to Mareng village.

 over the weekend, the governor of Jonglei state, Denay Jock Chagor said that the two young men were travelling on moto rbike to Anyidi Payam were ambushed on their way by suspected criminals from GPAA as a result, some criminal’s youth from Bor County organized themselves and went on rampage and killed at least seven (7) innocent people of Pibor who were residing in Bor Town.

“As the governor of Jonglei state, I have condemned the killing of those seven (7) civilians who were residing in Bor town and the investigations are underway and people responsible brought to justice”. Said Chagor.

He added that his administration and Jonglei are working toward achieving durable peace with GPAA.

However, Jai Adingonyie, Ministry of Information said that government of GPAA condemned the Killing in the strongest term possible and commanded justice for the innocent people killed in Bor.

“the traders of Bor are carrying out their activities in peace and the government of GPAA will do everything in their power to protect the traders of Bor ” Said Jai

He urged youth of GPAA not to retaliate or revenge their deceased who had fallen in tragedy and he added that the government of both states would seek justice for fallen ones. meanwhile the government of GPAA is committed to peace and coexistence.

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