Jonglei Parliament demands probe into investment land

The Jonglei State Legislative Assembly (JSLA) has directed the state Ministry of Physical Infrastructures and Municipal Council to investigate complains around investment lands.

Earlier last month, Jonglei Investment Commission said that most investors in the state were turning plots allocated for investment into private residential areas which interferes with the investment policies.

The land authorities said they were going to start screening all investors in their state to identify the active investors and revoke land titles of dormant ones.

Mr. Alier Malar, Acting Speaker for Jonglei Parliament told Juba Monitor that there were a lot of complaints on investment lands in the state.

“People normally complain that these areas are not exactly given to the investors. So we have directed the concerned authorities especially the State Ministry of Physical Infrastructures, Municipal Council to investigate their papers (legal documents),” he said.

The state Parliament has also issued an order prohibiting the allotment of open spaces in the town unless it passes through the legal procedures with approval from the Council of Ministers and the State Assembly.

“This is because the town plan is the responsibility of the state. If there is any plan that needs open areas to be surveyed then it should pass through all these procedures,” Mr. Malar stated.

The speaker said that the parliamentarians have also passed about 11 resolutions which were not made public, saying they were meant to regulate survey of land in Bor.

He urged the Ministry of physical Infrastructure to implement the resolutions, saying people should not encroach roads and open spaces.

Two weeks ago, Jonglei Assembly ordered all the civil population in Bor town to respect the state survey master plan during surveying exercises.

This was after reports that the surveyors had been in dispute with civil population during allocation of plots.

Malar said that the investors should abide by land laws to ensure maximum development in the town.

“This is always the purpose of the government towards the investors. I am calling upon you to come back and develop your land,” he stated.

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