Jonglei orders commissioners to beef up security in 17 counties

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Jonglei state authorities have ordered all the commissioners of 17 counties in the state to beef up the security in order to restore calm in the localities

This comes a day after Duk Payuel and Jalle Counties of Jonglei state came under two heavy attacks despite Wednesday’s Peace celebration that took place in Juba.

In the two separate attacks, at least the number of death tolls have increased to15people apart from 24 others receiving treatment in both Giada Military hospital in Juba and Bor state Hospital.

The authorities believed that the attackers come from Boma state.

The incident of Duk Payuel occurred on Tuesday at around 2:00 PM when the cattle being taken for grazing fell into ambush of criminals just few minutes in the nearby Airstrip of Poktap killing five people on spot and 15 others wounded.

Meanwhile, the Jalle incident occurred on Wednesday night at around 2:00 AM when the attackers confronted a cattle camp in the middle of the town killing 9 people including women and children, leaving seven others wounded.

According to the authorities, the whole raided cattle from Akot camp in Jalle have not been recovered back up to yesterday unlike in Duk Payuel where the youth recovered the cattle after clashing with the said criminals.

Jonglei State acting Information Minister, Dut Abraham Bol told Juba Monitor that the number of the dead had increased to 15 people in both incidences.

He however reiterated that the number of casualties of the two incidences remained constant as before at 24.

Jonglei state Deputy Governor, Dr. Agot Alier Leek said that the state government had ordered all the county commissioners of Jonglei to beef up the safety measures in the various localities to ensure maximum civilian protection from unnecessary attacks.

Dr. Leek believed that protective measures by all the county commissioners would help restore calm and prevent more attacks.

“One of the things we have done is that we have ordered the commissioners of Jonglei state to beef up security in the areas. There is need for them to be very vigilant. This will help curb the issue of losing lives during such attacks like what happened in Jalle and Duk Payuel counties,” he recalled.

“This measure will prevent more lives from being lost during the attacks in the villages. We understand that some Boma youth are still roaming around our vicinities here in Jonglei. The evidences of their presence in our vicinities are many. They are always got in the nearby forests,” Dr. Leek stated.

He stressed that there was need for youth in the area to protect themselves if there were other people acting as enemies of peace and progress in some parts of the nation.

“If this situation continues, we shouldn’t be blamed as people of Jonglei state because our youth have the capability and capacity of doing something,” he concluded.

According to Jonglei authorities, there was also need to return the 10,0000 raided cattle from Jalle camp since they believe that the attackers were armed youth from Boma state.

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