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Jonglei officials print documents in the market over power outrages

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Jonglei State ministries have been forced to seek printing services at the local market due to power outages.

State ministers confirmed that they have resorted to printing official government documents at the main Marol market.

Atong Kuol Manyang, Jonglei State Minister of Information revealed that the power scarcity in most ministries has been challenging since 2015.

She stated that even though the state enjoys a two-hour power supply daily, government functions have been adversely affected due to lack of power.

Ms. Manyang pointed out that they have resorted to using local printers at Marol market since the Jongei State Secretariat was not enough for all the officials to execute their paper work.

She was speaking to the press on Friday after the newly appointed Governor Maker Thiong Maal begun his state tour.

She said that the governor’s tour was focusing on the happenings and challenges in the state ministries.

“As I speak now, power is a major challenge for all the state ministries. It is very difficult for officials to operate in the offices for example checking emails, charge their phones and many more technical works that requires electronic,” she said

“We do not have power since 2015. And those who have generators lack fuel. Fuel prices are very high. Such generators could operate for 2 to 3 hours,” Ms. Manyang

She admitted that her ministry does all the official printings in the market

“Personally I do my work in the market; I usually go to the market to print documents. Sometimes I usually send someone to go and print the work for the ministry,” she said

She continued that media equipments were also problematic since they were no cameras and enough work computers for media group in her office.

“After power, office furniture is also another issue. There are a bit number of things which I may not detailed but power is the most problematic since some ministries like mine do not have at all,” the information minister confirmed

According to her, it was difficult for the officials to execute daily communication with the state governor and other ministries on urgent issues that technology.

“It is almost impossible to communicate with the secretariat on most pressing issues. It is ever possible when send someone move to the secretariat to further the communication,” Ms. Manyang said



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