Jonglei gov’t threatens to nab idle farmers

By Majur Chol Khor

Jonglei State Ministry of Agriculture through Minister Mayen Ngor Atem has appealed to its citizens to start farming this season. Mayen said all the government civil servants must be farming this year and anyone that will not abide by the law will be arrested.

The state governor has instructed the Ministry of Agriculture to prepare land for the government officials so that they can cultivate from Saturday and Sunday, he added.

“This year is the year for cultivation, normal Agriculture season start on 1st May and it has rained now for a number of days and some of the farmers are now ready to cultivate. There are few farmers trying to plant their crops, Jonglei State Minister for Agriculture said.

“We have already done with the half of the area of planting at the State farm of Akur, because this year we want to capture this season properly, Jonglei state government divided last year the tractors that were given by President Kiir to the fourteen counties, most of the counties now are making use of their tractors,” the minister highlighted.

He said the tractors that the government is talking about, are not for free, they are for hire service and the farmers are to hire these tractors from the county commissioners and Executive Directors. These are the people in charge of hiring the tractors out to farmers.

Mayen explained that, to cultivate this year, is a national and state call, our state political will and leadership is encouraging people to go for cultivation, he stressed.

“We must produce our own food, we must feed ourselves and we must create market locally for our own farmers and deliver services to our rural people,” Mayen added.

He said that, they will be trying to mobilize everybody to cultivate, we will be talking in churches so that people pull-up for farming.

In the same development, insecurity is becoming a major factor affecting Agriculture every year. “If there is insecurity or there is no insecurity you want to eat, so what is important is that people should have to mobilize themselves and they guard themselves. If you are eight in farm for example, four people can farm today and others should guard,” Ngor said.

What do you mean by the state, what is state, he questioned? State are the community, “there is nothing called state, state is the community, do you think the cabinet will go and guard those people in the villages, the people in the Payams, Counties and Bomas? They are responsible for the security of their own places. Do you think the state will go and talk to people that I am the one in charge of you? Everybody must be security conscious,” the Minister of Agriculture in Jonglei further stressed.

He concluded that, last year Agriculture was affected by insecurity and flood in which cattle raiders killed people in their villages causing hundreds of people to desert their original land. Mayen said he is optimistic that this year will be peaceful and farmers will cultivate without fear of any attack.

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