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Jonglei civil society urges IGAD to surrender mediation

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The Jonglei state civil society network has called on the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development to abandon the mediation if the ongoing peace talks in Addis Ababa fail.

The network said that the IGAD mediators had failed to understand the situation of civil population in the country saying the African Union should take over the responsibility.

The Chairperson of Jonglei Civil Society Network David Garang Goch said on Sunday that if the mediators are unable to bring peace to South Sudan then the IGAD should abandon the negotiations and seek the help of the International Community.

He said most of the discussions were focusing on self-interests but the IGAD was not keeping an eye on the spoilers of peace.

”If these people fail to come back with peace then we are emphasizing the abandonment of IGAD and the international community to complete the process of peace in South Sudan,” he said

”We have been seeing IGAD at the cornerstone of bringing peace but since they are not willing then the International Community should step in and mediate the peace process,” Mr. Goch said.

According to Goch the citizens have lost hope in the IGAD’s effort as they were not considering the suffering of the location communities in South Sudan.

He said the government; the SPLM-IO and the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) should understand the suffering of the people of South Sudan and put the interests of the citizens first.

”Whatever you said is your own interest but the interest of the civil population is to bring peace not much,” he added.

The civil society chairperson also suggested the change of venue saying that any peace deal that has been negotiated in Addis Ababa has always failed.

”If the peace talk is not going to be successful again in Addis Ababa then why don’t we change the venue?” he asked.

There were many agreements signed in Addis but dishonoured and not seen with objectives,” Mr Goch stated.

”We really need to have that heart. Let us not through away our country. We shall one time, one day have peace,” he said.


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