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Jonglei, Boma sign cessation of hostilities agreement

After intense discussions, representatives of Murle and Dinka Bor communities signed a peace agreement in Juba to end the conflict.

The agreement was signed on Tuesday evening this week.

The agreement which was brokered by the Office of the First Vice President with support from UNMISSS and UNDP is aimed at resolving the conflict in the two states caused by perpetual cattle raiding and child abduction.

“The objective of this agreement is to commit and oblige the two communities to immediately cease hostilities and create conducive atmosphere to a comprehensive and inclusive dialogue,” part of the agreement reads.

FVP Taban Deng Gai challenged the governors of Jonglei and Boma to represent the National Government in their respective states, but not represent the government of Dinka and Murle which creates division.

“This cannot be a country when governors represent their tribes,” he said. “We want the governors to represent the national government in their states, help your state and help the government,” he stressed.

He said there would be an investigation into the claims by the communities that some government officials supplied arms to the youth.

Governor of Boma state, Sultan Ismail Konyi had earlier refused to sign the agreement saying he could only sign it with commanders of Division 8 of the SPLA whom he said are behind the attack in his state.

However after consultations with his community leaders, he agreed to sign the agreement.

Konyi demanded for investigations into people or person who supplied arms and ammunitions to the Bor youth which they used for attacking the Murle youth.

Governor Philip Aguer of Jonglei said it is very painful that the communities still need peace agreements to resolve issues of cattle raiding and child abduction.

“It is very painful we are doing this instead of developing our communities,” he said.

He said he would always be for peace in the two states.

Michael Chienjiek Geay, Minister of Interior said the leaders of Jonglei and Boma states should restrain their youth from attacking each other.

He said if the governments of both states can create opportunities for the youth to be engaged in developmental work, cattle raiding and child abduction can be stopped.

Chol Rambang, the Chairman South Sudan Peace Commission called upon all the communities to commit to the Peace Agreement they signed to ensure the safety of the people.

He tasked the state governors to invest in the development of their people to prevent them from cattle raiding that causes conflict in the region.

Rambang said the Peace Commission has created early warning mechanism to inform authorities on the possible eruption of conflict.

The Peace Commission is also supporting local chiefs. It has also formed peace commissions to ensure the communities co-exist in peace, according to Rambang.

By Jale Richard

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