Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I work with some young blood whom l am the only one allowed to call them by some created reference because l am the odd-man out. Odd, because I am their Yaba. We can discuss anything under the sun and can joke any joke. Yesterday l was very moody and they have a way of bringing me back home to the present. I was moody because of some far thinking domestic chores. But in my wisdom these are my boys and girls they are “Yaba’s” children. They were talking as if in a distance but nearby. This naughty one called Charles started as whispering “you are the only mosquito in my net” where that one came from was not important but he was talking to his peers. Then joined by Emma and Loro. There is a common name for the three which l will spare for now. As if they were reading my mind when l looked at them, they burst into laughter. Indeed they had returned me back home from a far land. Fortunately for them l did not have time to take on them as well because at that time a rare visitor walked into our office and all discussions turned out to be centred on the current coronavirus or COVID’19 and the expected effect on the economy nose-dive. The visitor was one Edmund Yakani. We were both discussing on how the media was expected to survive in this doldrums of economic threat by the COVID’19. The media industry was not exceptional because it was hit just like other sectors. How was the sector which is young and with few print and electronic media houses going to survive in this situation? My team listened as we capture every bit of the impossible and the possible on how to be relevant in this situation as we dig deeper into the topic with Yakani. The thought that the media must survive was the only thing important to me at the moment. There is collective need from the media managers and editors to formulate a one way policy that can bring them close to one another for survival in time of crisis and life in time of business boom. Yakani, the Executive Director Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) is one of the leading voices in matters of social society discipline and nature. He is always outspoken and tackle issues with vigor and humanity. That he came all the way to discuss with me the on-goings in the media industry speaks volume. That he had visited other outlets in the industry equally speaks volume. Coronavirus is real and must be tackled by all people of goodwill. Above all there must be some semblance of respect and discipline when faced with the current situation on the ground.  Yakani’s concern of ensuring the media industry remained relevant at this trial moment must be supported. It is the only way to promote and build the industry.    

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