The call for peaceful 2021 has visibly been unanimous across the board from the presidency, other political figures, civil society groups and to men in robes or men of collar. The hopes of the whole country rest in a harmonious and peaceful society. Therefore, the rival factions, opposition groups and other holdout combatants need to understand the plight of the suffering populace whose only fault is being born in this country. A country where lives, rights and welfare of people are less important than V8 cars, where individuals’ greed supersede love for their country and where patriotism is demanded only from the ordinary person than the super-rich. However, these calls should not be rituals to baptize Christmas and New Year celebrations. It has to be made to work out tangible results, that mean the proponents of peace need to lead from the frontline devoid of political rhetoric nuts ensuring the meaningful implementation of peace in letter and spirit. Silencing the guns should mean exactly the textbook definition of silence. 2021 should be a year for forgiveness, reconciliation and peaceful coexistence among the communities of South Sudan as many have hinted. This peace initiative must start from within the family levels, the neighborhood, the church and the inter-community dialogue. There must be bottom to top and top to bottom initiative from the government. Government and politicians should roll up their sleeves this time and embark on a peace campaign to bring people together. Parliamentarians must be tasked to preach peace to their respective constituents. Chiefs and other traditional leaders should account for everything within the jurisdictions.

Together for a peaceful South Sudan.

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