Join the Journey to peace and democracy

By Omuno Mogga Otto

Many countries in the third world including the ones in Africa are facing a lot of political challenges. After the independence from the colonial regime 50 years ago, most of the leaders in Africa and other undemocratic countries are being characterized by bad governance, greed, corruption and dictatorship. Most of the leaders in Africa are opposed to democracy.

When a leader is elected democratically, he or she should not cling onto power for more than ten years. A leader is elected to serve the people equally without ethnic, racial or religious segregation. A leader is elected to work for the best interest of the nation. Unfortunately when leadership term is over or finished especially in Africa, disagreement usually surfaces.

A system that endorses respect to the rule of law will practically enhance peaceful democratic transformation.

The democratic system of governance in Africa is found in very few countries such Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa, among the few. Most of the wrong political agenda that contributed to war, poverty, ethnic segregation and economic chaos are obsessed by lack of charming system of leadership. A true Liberator should work for what people want. When Late Nelson Mandela of South Africa left power peacefully, majority of South Africans thanked him for the positive political step he took. The rest of the people in Africa identify him as a true visionary leader of the people.

What Mandela did has helped South Africa to build a democratic system. The whole world saluted him for being democratic. True liberators do not stay in power for many years. Their presence in power is supposed to maintain peace and democratic values. True liberators value the voices and demands of its people. True liberators focus on building democratic societies that work for the nation without ethnic affiliation.

South Sudan is on the journey to enhance peace and democracy. But it will not be easy to boost peace and democracy in the country if the ruling Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) does not work for it in a real political sense. Peace and democracy will not exist if the ruling party and its elite and youth fail to promote and support change in leadership. Change will come by accepting and implementing the message of God brought to us in this world. It only comes from our heart. If God knew that his creation of human would develop hatred among us, I am sure he would have not given human being the natural intelligence.

Have wild animals become better than human beings? Change will only exist if all the political leaders work or put the interest of the nation above their self interest.  Cooperative democratic system will help South Sudan to move out from political troubles which may exist in the future. We all know the ruling party has contributed a lot for our independence struggles. They should not end.

Their mission of freedom has not yet reached maturity stage. The SPLM must put serious political program to contribute for democratic change to avoid future chaos. Peace is sign. But much effort in implementing clearly so as to support existence of democratic change requires forgiveness and many good things to build real brotherhood. It requires building of trust among all the comrades regardless of where they ethnically belong. Peace and harmony needs serious commitment. If the Revitalized Agreement and the reservations are implemented through a good political spirit, democracy will easily flourish and the future generation will live in peace and harmony. Peace is not like a project of constructing a road. It is a permanent project of maintaining good relationship with a friend, brother, sister, mother, aunties, uncles and the neighbors. It is a permanent project of keeping clean heart and loving one another.

The Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (RARCSS) is a good deal. If it is implemented very well, a room for negotiation with the parties that have refused to sign it will be easier to accomplish. God created Junubeen (South Sudanese) to live in peace and unity. But the devil is struggling to divide us. When shall we begin serious mobilization of forgiveness so as to build a nation that would reflect peace and coexistence? May God help South Sudan.

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