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Johnson and Johnson vaccines arrive in Unity State

By Mabor Riak

The Ministry of Health in Unity State said they have received 1,600 doses of Covid-19 Johnson and Johnson (J & J) vaccination.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the acting Minister of Health in Unity State, Stephen Tot said that 1,600 doses of Covid-19 Johnson&Johnson vaccines would very soon be launched official.

“It is true, we have received doses of J & J vaccines for corona-virus in Unity State, but the Ministry is still not fixed the official date for launching and administering the vaccines in the State. There is a difference between J & J vaccines and the Astrazenecca vaccines used for Covid-19 vaccination, they need doctors first to aware public on how many times people take jab,” Tot said.

He added that Johnson & Johnson vaccine is received once per a dose while Astrazenecca is received twice after one month. For Astrazeneca vaccine, people receive first and thesecond jab after one month. This was the difference between the two vaccines,” he said.

He revealed that there were still discoveries on whether the two vaccines of ‘Astrazenecca’ and ‘Johnson and Johnson’ could be used for the pregnant mothers because Astrazenecca and Johnson and Johnson ( J & J) were good  and not harmful to breastfeeding mothers.

The State Ministry of Health urged the elder,doctors and all people who were infront-line to turn upfor the vaccination.

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