John Bagara’s ‘Salaam Ja’ rocking South Sudan

By Mandela Nelson Denis

‘Salaam Ja’ a song by John Bagara is currently one of the hottest tunes rocking the radio airwaves in the country.

Some people in Juba have described the song as the manifest of what is currently happening in the country.

Salaam ja lyrics talk of peace to all the leaders in the country and further explains that one day it will rain peace and unity in the country.

One day John Bagara performed at Kilu-Kilu comedy extra and hundreds of fans came on the stage to cheer him up.

The soft-spoken artists told Juba Monitor that through his song he is preaching peace and love amongst South Sudanese and giving them hope for better South Sudan.

“Salaam ja is a song of peace, unity, love and hope to my fellow countrymen and women, yes things have been tough but we see hope this year and soon we will reach the promise land,” said John.

Salaam ja is a must listened to in the clubs and lodges across the country as many people find the song having great meaning.

Dj Justin of Club signature told Juba Monitor that it reaches a certain time in the night and everyone asks for salaam ja.

“Salaam ja is a great song and majority people love it so much, am always forced to play the song at certain times in the night because of the pressure from John Bagara’s fans,” said Dj Justin.

Malish Gum said that Salaam Ja came at the right time when everyone in the country is yearning for peace.

“John Bagara spoke our minds through his song because the word peace has been on the lips of every South Sudanese whether young or old”, said Malish.

With salaam ja song John Bagara has been able to perform in various happening places and events in the country.

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