JICA hopes for gov;t to practice what it has learned

By Atimaku Joan

The Cheif Representative of Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA) in South Sudan, Fuyuki Sagara,  said that he is hoping for the local government officials to put in pratice what they have learnt from a five days online stakeholders workshop held this week in Juba.

According to the Cheif Representative , the participants of the workshop under the theme “Survey on Local Government and Peace Building” were very motivated and committed to rebuilding  the communities and resuming the functions of the local government.

“l was very impressed by your fruitful discussions and your presentations at this workshop and I was strongly reminded again of your high awareness and interest for reconstruction in this country,” said Sagara.

He stressed that building inclusive and functional governance is essential for the promotion of the peace process in South Sudan and that strengthening capacity of state and local government is an urgent task to achieve the peace process.

He revealed that JICAis planning to provide short-term training programs in Japan and to dispatch Japanese experts to South Sudan. He emphasiesd that after theproposals have been accepted by the Japanese government, they will coordinate  with the government of South Sudan immediately.

Sagara stated that the outcome of the workshop will accelerate the collaboration activities and also strengthen the capacity of local governance which will have effective synergy with other projects supported by JlCA related to service delivery such as water, sanitation, agriculture, gender and so on.

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