Jedco is meant to harmonize the supply of power to customers who welcomed its coming into being when they promised to have lights in all parts of Juba City. It was jubilation and when they started and many customers rushed to register and have their houses and buildings connected. Indeed it was time for joy as at that time most parts were using generators. What followed then seems to be something else. The electricity provider has not lived up to the expectation.Almost three years down the line there are customers who have not been connected despite having paid up or registered to be provided with the services. True, a number of clients have been connected but most of them are complaining about the high charges of electricity with some ending up in courts or being arrested and detained in [police station. This act do not reflect well between service providers and service receivers or consumers. Jedco has the duty to provide relevant and vital information to consumers. It should be its mandate to create and give public awareness effectively of their services and what would be required from consumers. It needs to establish proper and effective public relations unit which could be reached on a 24 hours basis for effective service delivery. But most of all it should avoid being involved in legal or police issues with its own clients whatever the reason(s) could be because both sides need one another. The power firm should concentrate on its initial plan of having the whole capital city electrified without ignoring other parts. Indeed the current economic situation is affecting everyone and this should also be put into consideration when charging bills which many customers have complained about with others claiming that Jedco had not been consistent in providing power in some parts of the city.

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