Jazz band a new blend of Dancehall Monster

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

Akol aka Baar is a new blend of South Sudanese dancehall music. The twenty-year-old and his love song Toto is blazing hot.

With a deep hardcore voice many might mistake Jazz Band for being forty-year-old man but no and thanks to his nonalcoholic lifestyle.

2020 seems to be a blessed year for Jazz Band and it gave birth to his “Toto” single which he revealed is shaking the dancehall arena.

Juba Monitor caught up with Jazz Band a very tall and pencil figure artist he revealed that music is not about the body but talent given by God.

“My people think I’m small and don’t believe what comes from my mouth musically and I have proved them wrong again this year with “Toto”, a love story telling song for your valentine”, said Jazz.

Toto is a story line of a very beautiful South Sudanese lady who driving many men in Juba city insane because of her beauty and soft smile.

Toto is a club banger feeling song that will put party lovers in the mood of dancing and having a quality times.

As an artist Jazz Band said that he modeled his love story into the Toto song that puts a smile on his fans’ face when they listen to.

Produced by Linus De Genius, an award winning producer Jazz Band is so confident that his song will reach the rest of the world.

Being a young singer Jazz Band’s vision is for his songs to be played at the international music platforms and he also revealed that the video for Toto is under way.

Jazz Band rose to the music scene with songs like Jow kap, me and you featuring single Dee and Wahmek gyal.

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