Jay Family signs a Contract with Glow Events

Jay Family entertainment yesterday signed a one month Memorandum of understanding with Glow events, one of the South Sudanese Promotions Companies to promote the launch of ‘Jabana’ Album.

Taban Emmanuel Abina the C.E.O of Glow events told the press that the memorandum of understanding is set to last for one month as the company is planning to officially organize the launch of the ‘Jabana’ Album.

“This marriage is for one month as we see how things will move within this period, if the group convinces us we will see whether to renew the understanding or not,” Abina said. “This is basically for the ‘Jabana project’ which Glow picked interest in.”

According to the contract, J Family and Glow Events will share the revenue from the concert equally, but all other costs during the course of organization of the event are to be paid by Glow Events.

The ‘Jabana’ project shall take place at Mask Bar and Bistro on the 30th of August; Secret Corner on 1st of September, Kullana on 2nd, Nyakuron Cultural Centre on 3rd of September for family day show, and Boat cruise to the islands on 9th September, 2017.        

The J family Band will also renew a six month contract with their Manager from the 1ST of August 2017.

Steve Lubang, the Manager of Jay Family appreciated Glow Events and urged other promotions companies to play a role to the nation’s music development.

Jay Boi a member of the crew said that the six (6) month contract is a deal to motivate them to work harder so that they can be offered a long term contract.

Taban said Glow events is looking forward to supporting and taping hidden talents.

“There are so many hidden talents out there and we hope to reach them and bring them to the camera,” he said.

By Mandela Nelson Denis








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